Public Historian & TV Researcher

We chat with Olivia Smith about life as a Public Historian and TV Researcher. If your a history buff like Jules and I then you will love this episode, loads of great insight into where a history degree can take you, in Olivia’s case, it has led to some pretty amazing opportunities, such as giving world leaders and Professional rugby players tours of first world war battlefields. Olivia is a brilliant example of the get up and go attitude you need to have if you want to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market, through networking and putting herself out there, by messaging, emailing and using social media such such as her twitter account to express views on her subject or share really interesting history facts, she has been able to build a very impressive set of contacts in the world of History which will become invaluable over the coming years. A real pleasure to chat with Olivia.

Women and Warfare

Olivia Smith is back on Home Brew joining Bo to talk about a few very fascinating women throughout ancient and medieval history. Always a blast to have our friends in company!

Khaki Malarkey

Khaki Malarkey is a military history podcast, hosted by Olivia Smith and Phoebe Style.

Killer interviews, with killer authors, on (literally) killer topics. A weekly podcast exploring the most exciting military history books to hit the shelves, covering every area, period and topic of conflict. To listen, search ‘Khaki Malarkey‘ whenever you get your podcasts.

Women in the Trenches

Bo and Joey sit down with Olivia Smith to talk about the often misunderstood role of women in the First World War!

We Have Ways Of Making You Talk – Olivia Smith Bonus Episode.

Young historian Olivia Smith shares the story of her grandmother’s early life in Nazi Germany with James.

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