Historical Organisations

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to belong to a variety of historical organisations. Right now I am working and involved with: conservation on the Somme, women’s history tours, a network of female historians and virtual historical tours.

Women of London

The walking tours in London focus on a range of women throughout history, from all types of backgrounds and classes. We include history of women in nursing, education, royalty, campaigners and reformers as well as much more.

Herstory Club

Herstory Club was established to bring women with a passion for history together, offering an opportunity for both professional and social connections. No matter what point of your career you are at, we want to bring together and showcase the amazing historians out there. Please do get in touch to be involved.

Hawthorn Ridge Crater Association

On July 1st 1916 at 7:20am a mine went off on the northern sector of the Somme and on the 13th November a second mine went off in the same place. Today the Hawthorn Ridge Crater Association is a charitable trust that has been set up to support and develop these craters, in what is intended to be the most intensive study of any Great War battlefield to date. The association is a joint French-British collaboration which has arranged to lease the site from the owner, the local council, on a 99-year lease. 

Battle Guide Virtual Tours

A brand new company set to deliver some of the most incredible sites of world history to a global audience for the very first time, in the comfort of their own home. A cutting-edge product which blends traditional archive material, historic photography and film, contemporary mapping and veteran testimony with the very latest technology.

History is enjoyable beyond the classroom.

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