Welcome to my website!

If you haven’t gathered already I am Olivia Smith. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a historian and here I am with my own website.

From a young age I have held an interest in history, from growing up in a Victorian town house, playing Boudica and Queen Victoria in school plays to reading Horrible Histories over other books. I have a BA History Degree and Master by Research Degree from the University of Essex, experience in giving public talks, tours and online presentations , in addition to writing articles and blogs for historical organisations.

My main aim in my career is to change the repeated sentence I hear when I tell people I’m a historian:”I always enjoyed history in school” normally followed by “but that was it” or “I wished I had continued learning further”. History isn’t limited to a taught GCSE subject, we are surrounded by history -we are history- it is the foundation of what makes us who we are today and I hope to contribute towards the ever growing understanding of our past.

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